“I Don’t Need Religion; I’m Plenty Spiritual”

Of course you are spiritual. After all you are a spiritual creature– body and soul (or spirit).  As spiritual beings, we are at least vaguely aware of spiritual realities, like right and wrong, immortality of the soul, and the existence of other spirits. The problem is that we are spiritually blind. Even though we know there are spiritual realities, we do not know what they are.

Religion supposedly reveals the truth about these spiritual realities. —There are religions that claim to find the spirit in things and places, like the spiritus of rivers animals and plants. —There are religions that imagine that all things are part of a great spiritual reality. —There are mystical religions which believe that introspection and meditation are ways to find the truth about the spiritual. —There are those who use mind-altering substances and techniques as pathways to the spiritual, like shamans or medicine men.

Results have been disappointing.

I can see why people are disenchanted with such religions. None of these religious efforts seem to offer anything more than we can imagine on our own. They all seem to say the same things: Be good. Resist wrong. There is something greater than we are. This life isn’t all there is. Somehow what comes after depends upon whether we have been good or bad.

If you haven’t been exposed to a clear expression of the Christian faith, you might think that it is just one more religion like the rest. But there is a huge difference. Christianity isn’t our discovery of spiritual truth, but God’s revelation of spiritual truth to us. That’s why we call Christianity revealed truth; it’s the revelation of spiritual truth from God through the Bible.

The truth of this revelation, the Bible, is supported in several ways, both internal and external: The historical accuracy of the Bible. The accurate description of human nature. The verifiable prophesies. Especially through the person and work of Jesus Christ.

At the Festival of Pentecost, we celebrate the special gift of the Holy Spirit to the church. The Holy Spirit inspired the prophets, apostles, and evangelists to write a true revelation of God and His relationship to us.

So you see, the Christian faith is like no other religion in that it is divine revelation instead of human development.