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Yes, Christianity is VERY Different (6/14/19)

“It’s VERY Different”

At this time of the year we celebrate the Festival of the Holy Trinity and read together the Athanasian Creed, a confession of Biblical truth about Who is the true God. This underscores the chief difference between Christianity and all other religions: We don’t worship their gods. The […]

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A Popular Fallacy: “I’m Not Religious, but I’m Spiritual” (6/7/19)

“I Don’t Need Religion; I’m Plenty Spiritual”

Of course you are spiritual. After all you are a spiritual creature– body and soul (or spirit).  As spiritual beings, we are at least vaguely aware of spiritual realities, like right and wrong, immortality of the soul, and the existence of other spirits. The […]

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Spiritual 911 #6 The Pastor Is a Healer of Souls

Spiritual 911

The Pastor as our spiritual first-responder.

6. The Pastor Is a Physician of Souls

(Part 2—Spiritual Healing)

(Fictitious names but true stories of people you don’t know.)

Frank has just been told he is worthless as a husband as his wife tells him she has found another […]

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