Letter from Pastor Bryant

A letter to the members of Faith and Our Savior Lutheran Churches, Medford and Grants Pass, OR.



In this letter:

– Certainty in Uncertain Times
– Changes in Church Services
– Further Sources of Information
– Pastoral and Devotional Resources for you


These certainly are uncertain times! Is the virus going to be as bad as they say? Will I get it? What’s happening to the stock market (and my life’s savings)? But humanity has always lived in uncertain times, and for that reason the hope that we have in Christ is so precious. In times of prosperity and peace we can forget the calamities that are in the world because of the wrongdoing of humanity, and we can forget that we are all destined to stand before our Maker.

But there is a certainty for us greater even than death (or taxes). It is the certainty of the mercy of God. Christ entered this world to save us from this world. He died to save us from death. He rose again to assure you that your sins have been atoned for, there is forgiveness for you and the promise of eternal life. This is a historical reality fixed in time forever.

Apart from Christ and His word, there is no such certainty. Many look at the troubles in this world and their hope hinges only on what happens in the next news cycle. As Christians there is behind everything the certainty of God’s mercy, His loving power, and the eternal rescue He gives us.

Changes in Church Services

Because we want to act in love toward one another, Faith and Our Savior churches will abide by the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and will not hold classes or service, at least until April 5 (Palm Sunday). We will put an announcement on our web site, www.osflc.org, the week before with updated information. Click on “Good News” at the top of the page.

We also encourage you to abide by the other recommendations to prevent the spread of the disease, especially if over the age of 60 or dealing with other health conditions. Stay at home unless very necessary to go out. Wash hands often. Don’t touch your face. Control coughs and sneezes with handkerchief (or inside the elbow). Stay 6 feet from others. If you are younger, you need to heed these recommendations to avoid passing the disease to others. You can be a carrier even if you don’t feel sick.

Further Information

I will be posting additional information on our web site, www.osflc.org, on Facebook. (Go to Facebook and search for “Faith Lutheran Medford” and “Our Savior Evangelical Lutheran Church.” Be sure to “Like” us on Facebook. I will be trying very hard to keep everything updated.

Pastoral and Devotional Resources

Once I am making regular use of the electronic platforms you can expect to see regular devotions in place of the midweek and Sunday sermons. In the meantime, there are numerous resources at www.els.org, including the new devotional booklet, “Good News for You,” and a number of streaming resources.

I am available to talk any time. Call me at 630-xxx-xxxx. If you have to pay for long distance, you can call the parsonage at 541-xxx-xxxx. It won’t be a toll call, but you are less likely to reach me. To avoid the possibility of carrying the virus from one person to another, I will be visiting only those sick in the hospital, where infection control is in place.

Lord willing, we will be together again soon to receive the Lord’s gifts in word and sacrament, rejoicing in the certainty of his mercy.

Cordially, in Christ,

Pastor Bryant