Toleration Diminishes Love

All false teachers and all false religions are known by their false teachings. That is what Jesus meant when He said, “Watch out for false prophets; by their fruits you will know them.” One of the chief false teachings that Jesus pointed out was the self-righteousness of the Pharisees, that they were righteous because of their goodness instead of God’s mercy.

That false teaching is still alive in the idea that we must give approval to the popular vices of our time. Disapproval is considered “unloving,” even when the one insisting upon approval blasphemes the Name of the Living God, degrades the holy institution of marriage, snuffs out the life of the unborn, and denies the order of creation. This is not love, but the hate of the Evil One bearing fruit in humanity.

The true love that has come into the world is the love that acknowledges the depths of human depravity, recognizes the terrible penalty required to give satisfaction for it, and then pays that penalty upon our behalf. That love is found alone in Jesus Christ!

Anything that minimizes the gravity of our sin minimizes the price Jesus paid to make satisfaction for our sin and so diminishes the love of Christ for us. The true Christian faith upholds the law of God in all its severity so that it may truly value His unfailing love.